Ocean Freight

WorldTrade Freight Logistics Ltd operates within a worldwide network of the largest global freight forwarders. We offer Customized solutions for your specific ocean freight requirement.

Our extensive and long-term relations with shipping lines mean to a global carrier portfolio, covering major ports, with the best transit times, fully flexible scheduling and space protection agreements to meet your individual shipping needs.

WorldTrade Freight Logistics Ltd offers a flexible range of Ocean Freight services for both Less-Than-Container Load (LCL) and Full-Container Load (FCL) shipments. These are backed by comprehensive Ocean Freight Management Services as well as Break-bulk, Project Forwarding, Partial and Full Charter Services.


A. Full-Container Load
We negotiate competitive freight space agreements with the world’s leading shipping lines and pass the benefits on to all our customers. We will ensure the cost-efficient arrival of your cargo and a fully integrated range of support services means you can trust WorldTrade Freight Logistics Ltd.
Our FCL Entails:
• Multiple weekly bi-directional sailing options between key ports pairs
• Customized service solutions on every trade lane
• Customs Brokerage
• Buyers consolidation FCL management
• Deconsolidation services
• On water inventory planning
• Distribution of goods
• Ocean Freight as component of a Supply Chain Solution (SCS)


B. Less-Than-Container Load
Need to keep your supply chain moving, but do not have sufficient volume or time to fill a Full-Container-Load? WorldTrade Freight Logistics Ltd offers cost-effective door-to-door services for these shipments through our Less-than-Container-Load (LCL) product providing competitive transits and reliable sailing schedules.

Our LCL services features:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Direct or maximum one-stop routings providing fast and reliable transits
  • An in-house operated global gateway network
  • Door-to-door service capabilities including our own domestic trucking
  • Full track-and-trace information

C. Loose Cargo Loads
Sometimes ordering a container for a load that does not equate to or justify a 20 or 40 foot container is a waste of time and money. This is why we offer loose cargo loads. This can involve pelleting or putting your baggage or items on crates. Using a loose cargo load is a viable option when moving office, house, or apartment just around the corner, interstate or even internationally. Loose cargo loads are included in our extensive network of logistics and shipping agencies meaning your items will be dealt with quickly, safely and professionally.
Insurance is provided on request, and depending on the mode of freight used for your Loose Cargo load insurance types and charges will vary.


D. Groupage
Groupage offers a way to keep your costs down when sending freight Booking is. Groupage is when we consolidate a range of goods, normally pallets and parcels, onto single or multiple pallets to create a single, more cost-effective shipment. We retain control of the entire delivery process, including tracking and electronic proof of delivery (PODs).
Key features;
• Groupage services available.
• Can be tied into our other services, such as air cargo and sea freight.
• Flexibility allows us to use a number of carriers including our own fleet.
• Consolidating freight reduces overall shipping costs for our customers.
• All bookings handled by real people not automated phone systems.
• We manage every stage from booking to delivery via our IT systems. Discrepancies are dealt with immediately


E. Roll on / Roll off (Ro/Ro)
Worldtrade Freight Logistics Ltd handles roll on / roll off services for cars, big rig trucks, heavy equipment and boats. Taking care of any special equipment required, monitor and track your shipment with 24/7 monitoring.